The Future of Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Are Coming!
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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Are Coming!

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the capability of machines or software to imitate human intelligence or behavior to an extent that the impersonation is indistinguishable from the real thing. An AI system behaves much like a person and can perceive, reason, adapt and make decisions. Artificial intelligence allows robots to act, learn, perceive and interact in a manner similar to humans. Cognitive technology has moved to the next level with “Artificial Intelligence”. The pace of development in Artificial Intelligence has increased significantly with machine learning being the most prominent sub-type. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine or software to act, learn, perceive and interact like a person.

Good and bad

The present issues Technology is the core of our lives and a market of millions of global small-time entrepreneurs have been trying to replicate every online form of user-friendliness for their products. For you, as the user, you can now enjoy your experience on online websites with amazing interactive interactions. There is an application called, which offers some interesting features to enhance user interaction and this can become your next favorite website if you have a cool persona. If we mention some of the brands that are really innovative and trying to make their user experience better, then we can name the likes of Google, Amazon, Baidu and as one of the global online travel websites Trivago. As mentioned, there are some cases in that technology cannot be used.

The future

For the last couple of decades, the world has witnessed a major tech revolution. In the early, to mid-1990s the world went through the dot-com boom, and then in the early 2000s technology and innovation were reinvented with the onset of 3D Printing, advances in the Internet, Personal Computers, smartphones, and the App Store. This year we saw some of the largest layoffs in history, as a result of the continuing global economic recession, more than a quarter of a million jobs were cut in the United States alone. To add to the job losses, many of those laid off received warnings before they were laid off, in part due to company cuts in workers’ time off, in order to reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day life is not far away, but do we really know what it holds and how it will affect our daily life? How far are we from creating an Artificial Intelligence that can replace or outperform our daily activity?

The machines are coming!

A report by the Silicon Valley-based McKinsey Global Institute, estimates that a million jobs will be lost to artificially intelligent machines by the year 2020. That could see 50 percent of our human labor outsourced to machines.

McKinsey Global Institute

According to the report’s author, however, some jobs will be destroyed, and some new jobs will be created, and those jobs won’t necessarily be better or worse than the ones humans are doing now.


Have you ever been bored? There is a thing called boredom which prevents us from creative thinking. I believe that most of us have been bored. Now if you think that is something that only a few people could relate to you but not you because you are living life. Well there is something called the future of artificial intelligence or more technically known as the advancement of AI, and its emergence is moving faster than we think and with the progression of technology that I am sure you are familiar with you will begin to see more and more intelligent machines moving into our everyday life. It’s already been possible for computers to work and even do a wide variety of tasks in their entirety. That’s in your home, that’s in your kitchen or even that’s in your car or even in your computer

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