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Mobile Application Development


In today’s world, mobile application development has emerged and has changed the market perspective. Due to its enormous use in every aspect of life, it became one of the fast-growing industries in the world. Now, with the advent of new technologies, mobile phone app development has been materialized. In the current scenario, app development has been dominating all over the world.

The target audience has been captured due to its widespread usage. Different type of services and feature has been reached to the users. App development has been grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. This article encompasses the different perspectives of app development and services. On the other hand, the future of app development has also been analyzed and discussed.

App Development:

Mobile app development is the process in which different types of software have been developed and installed on mobile phones. Different type of app services has been launched. Android and iOS have captured the main market shares of the mobile industry. While developing the application for the mobile, different type of programming language and framework needs to be considered. Although the development of Android and iOS has been defined independently yet there are few types of app development.

  • Native App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  1. Native App Development

Native app development is the process in which the developer develops the application by targeting the operating system or android etc. Native app development has the potential to support all of the features of any mobile device. It is on the top level of the hierarchy in app development. It has faster performance and increased efficiency as compared to other methods. It can provide a secure and robust platform for the users. On the other hand, some cons are related to native app development and the app service which have been provided. Native app development needs to be created from scratch as it targets only one platform. Secondly, native app development requires extensive knowledge of programming languages for complex tasks. Thirdly, the development cost is relatively higher than the other methodologies.

  • Web App Development

Web app development is the process in which the developer develops the application for running on the web. Responsive web services are provided in which different web-related languages have been used. Developing a web app is developing the web pages/site. It has a limited level of performance and has inferior performance as compared to native app development. Different types of client-side and server-side languages are present currently. PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails are an example of server-side scripting. HTML, Javascript, and CSS are the main example of Client-Side scripting languages. As web app development doesn’t need any sort of platform so it is cross-platform once which can be built can be utilized. Maintenance of such app development is quite easier. On the other hand, these applications require continuous internet facilities for running. Similarly, all features of the mobile phone cannot be accomplished through this. In addition to this, these types of applications are also not available in Play Store as well rather these applications demand special instruction for installation into the mobile devices.

  • Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development is self-explanatory by its name. These are the applications that are half native and half web applications.  So this type of application can have a feature of both web app and native app development. Sometimes, they look like a native app but still be able to handle web app features as well. This type of app development has more economical and has faster execution but performance is much lower than that of the native app. In addition to this, these applications don’t allow to utilization 3d features from the game perspective.

Future of App Development:

Although mobile phone users are getting new features day by day yet this field is growing rapidly. The future of app development and the app services is getting enhanced and with the advent of new technology e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, the future of app development is brighter. In the current scenario, IoT and cloud computers are evolving swiftly.

  • The connectivity with cloud-based APIs is the future of app development.
  • In the meanwhile, mobile phone devices are performing operations like navigation; natural language processing, and speech recognition which require artificial intelligence so integrating AI into the app development is the main objective.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has also a vital key role in the field of gaming and entertainment. Integration with these will also pave the way to the advanced revolution in the field of app development.
  • A cross-platform facility is also a future of app development. Originally application will be developed on any native app development and then it can be sent to any other native platforms. So one of the objectives of future app development is to create such an application that can be used further on any platform e.g Android, Blackberry, and Ios are the main examples of different platforms.
  • 5G technology is introduced in today’s world environment. Now users can imagine that they can transfer millions of packets of data within a second which is a huge speed. This speed can further support other technologies e.g. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with the help of this technology.
  • Business application development is growing today with the help of new technology called the blockchain. This type of technology can also be integrated with other mobile applications. Hence the user can build highly secure business applications to achieve the best results.
  • Wearable technology is also getting innovative. IoT enables devices, snap chat spectacles, and other gadgets are the main example of wearable technology. The wearable is now available in every aspect of life. So integrating this technology with app development is enhancing the capability of mobile phones which further makes them comfortable and will bring convenience to the lives of customers.


By getting in touch with different technologies, we can establish that the future of app development will be rich which is capable enough to make the lives of consumers much easier and more comfortable by introducing them to the new world on hand held devices.

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