Independence Day Special App – Independence Day App in Kodular / Thunkable / Appy Builder
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Independence Day Special App – Independence Day App in Kodular / Thunkable / Appy Builder

I will be showing you an Independence Day app, which usually gets trending around Independence Day of your respective countries. One of my clients already have it published on the play store with all the ads running according to Google’s policies, of which I will be showing you the demo of. When the app is opened you will see the splash screen, right now the splash screen and the app itself has Pakistan’s color scheme which can be changed according to your country as well. In the upper section, we can see a text status under “today’s wish” section which takes your input text directly from airtable. There is also a copy text option that will copy the text and a share button which will share the text status externally. Below today’s wish section there are 6 different categories i.e. Video status, Image Status, Text Status, Poetry, Songs, and Wallpaper. When we click on the video status category we will see all the videos added in that section with an ad showing at the bottom. When you click on any video, it starts playing the video with a down arrow button displayed on the screen. That button is for downloading the currently playing video, when it is clicked it will show a please wait prompt and start downloading the video to your phone.  When the video is completely downloaded the notifier shows video downloaded notification. Going back to the main screen, upon clicking on image status we can see images in a slideshow pattern with an ad showing on the upper side of the screen. You can see as the image changes the background of the app changes as well because the color is being taken from the image itself. On the bottom we can see 3 buttons, one is for downloading the image, the second button is for setting the image as wallpaper and the third is a share button to share the image externally. Next is the text status category. We can see the same pattern as the previous category, we have an ad banner on the upper part of the screen and the status text in the middle with the same color scheme with two buttons at the bottom, one for copying a text and the other to share the text externally. The next poetry category is exactly the same as the text status, instead of texts, there are poetries added. Next is the Songs category which follows exact same order as the video status category.  You can see that all ads are showing up properly, most common complaints are about ads not showing properly which you can see is not the case here. Next is the wallpaper category which follows the exact same scheme as the Image Status category but the slideshow here is automatic and manual as well. At the main screen, we also have a side menu that shows the share app option to share apps link externally, a rating app option that will take you to play store rating section, and a privacy policy button.

                Proceeding to computer screen in the Kodular of the Independence Day app, first we have a splash screen with white background. I have taken labels here to add text and below them is a linear progress bar. Coming to the screen2 the main screen of the app, I have used a vertical arrangement here and have enabled it to card. Then I have a scroll arrangement in which I have labels and taken material icons and then another label. Below is the category section in which I have vertical arrangement in which there is a horizontal arrangement, each horizontal arrangements are the cards placed on the screen to which you can give card view. The extent ions that I have used here are CreateWebView for the videos, TaifunClipboard to copy the texts and viewed a CollinTreeList. Then I have spreadsheets and other normal components. People who will buy the AIA file will have to go to spreadsheet1 common properties and change the base ID and API key and leave the rest as is. In the airtable base we can see  we have URL, Title and images which are being updated in cloudinary, if you want it to take from YouTube, that can be possible as well but there will not be a download option for it, I have used this method to make status video downloadable due to popular requests. For image status we have to use image links and add number of links added. Similarly I have text status which also has only one column in which you will update the text and add the number added to the next column. The poetry and wallpaper columns are also same as the text and image status each with one column. In songs status category we have URL then the title of the song and than a thumbnail image.

                In the blocks section we can see it’s basic and simple, we have used spreadsheets, the main thing is the status retrieval which gets a cell from the first row and given a text column to it, when it gets the value it shows the text value. Then I have a copy block and share block. Looking at the screen3 which is very similar to my previous multi-category YouTube app, nothing has been changed. Screen4 is the wallpaper screen in which I only have a vertical arrangement and have added a canvas, other than that I have a bar where there are different buttons and a spreadsheet. The design is very simple and accessible. On-screen 5 we have text status and poetry screen in which I have a vertical arrangement and I have added a text label and below is a bar added with the components of the button. On screen6, similar to the wallpaper screen, in which I only have a vertical arrangement and have added a canvas and bar bellow with button components.

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